Aina Rasoldier


My e-mail address: aina (at) univ-grenoble-alpes (dot) fr


Post-doc @ LIG

Evaluating environmental impact of AI-based digital solutions. Case study on smart buildings.

PhD Thesis @ Inria Grenoble

Assessing the potential of a digital solution in the context of the ecological urgency: application to regular carpooling platforms at local scale

The thesis questions the impact of digital solutions on ecological urgency and highlights the environmental risks linked to using digital solutions for decarbonization. I highlighted the lack of scientific bases for the environmental assessment of these solutions. The thesis is divided into two parts: the first examines the limits of current environmental assessment methodologies, while the second evaluates the environmental potential of regular carpooling platforms. The results indicate that despite achievable goals, significant socio-economic changes are needed. In conclusion, the thesis highlights the persistent challenge and raises the question of the reliability of digital solutions in ecological emergencies.

Link to manuscript (in French)

Defense (in French)





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